Leo grew up with a passion for all things music. His formative years were spent traveling the world and studying Classical violin.  As his love for the craft grew, he added guitar, trumpet and piano to his musical armory. By 16, Leo was a regular in Barcelona's jam session scene, playing with some of Spain's foremost jazz musicians. Much of the rest of his time was spent playing with orchestras, in string quartets and as a soloist in various venues throughout Barcelona.

Leo moved to the US in 2006 to pursue his love of music at Berklee College of Music. His rigorous Classical and Jazz education gave him a dual mindset that allowed him to take full advantage of what Berklee had to offer and quickly realized that his true passion was for composing. He began building his professional portfolio and by the time he graduated, his body of work included a series of games, ads and internationally-broadcast documentaries.  Leo currently lives in Seattle where, during the rare moments not spent producing music, he spends his time baking, taking part in game jams and going to see the occasional movie.